iYogi: 24x7 Technical Support Services

iYogi provides technical support for all your tech related issues for Home, Business and Enterprise.


Home solutions

iYogi offers technical support by qualified technicians for all issues related to computers, peripherals and other devices.

  • Fix your tech issues: Are you looking for solutions to the technical glitches that have occurred on your computer or other devices? Simply call our tech experts and get them fixed instantly. For quick DIY solutions, browse through our issue list now.
  • We support all brands: iYogi is brand-agnostic. We support devices and software across all brands. Just give us a call and we can manage all brands for you.
  • Support for all devices: From installing and configuring your devices to troubleshooting a tech glitch in it, we can do it all for you.


Business Solutions

iYogi provides 24 x 7 on-demand tech support for setting up the IT department in your business. We help you manage your setup by providing an IT helpdesk with qualified technicians. We also strive to enable you and your team into making the most of technology at your workplace at the most affordable rates.

  • 24 x 7 Tech Support: iYogi provides round the clock technical support for businesses with the Business Nonstop support plans. Our tech experts are available 24 x 7 to assist you with every tech solution that you may need.
  • Fast and Easy Remote Help: If you need to get in touch with our iYogi technicians, all you need to do is call on our toll free number. Alternatively, you can mail to us or share your feedback through our online form. Our tech support specialists take the remote access of your computers and peripherals and work on diagnosing and fixing the issues promptly.
  • Real Time view of your IT: Our tech experts manage your business’s IT needs in real-time. Using Admin controls, we monitor your setup regularly and advice modifications and enhancement wherever necessary.

Enterprise Solutions

iYogi provides solutions for Enterprises to keep your business running nonstop. Our services include setting up your IT infrastructure, managing your setup, offering tech solutions to better manage your clientele, and a host of others.

  • Innovation: iYogi provides incorporated support platform for managing devices and software required for your business.
  • Industries: iYogi provides prompt and proficient customer service and manages the emerging Internet of Things verticals.
  • Insights: iYogi brings forward the latest trends in the world of Internet of Things.

The verticals of Enterprise solutions include Digital Home, Automotive, Energy and Health Monitoring. Instant Support

Simply choose your plan and connect to our tech support specialists by calling on our toll free number at 1 800 237 3901. Remote tech support was never this easy! We are on call 24 x 7.


Self Help

iYogi provides you “Do It Yourself” videos, which simplifies even the most difficult technical issue. These DIY videos provide step-by-step solutions to empower you into fixing complex tech issues in the most simplest manner, all by yourself.



To make the most out of your computer and make it run like new again, iYogi brings to you TechGenie. It enhances the performance of your computers and provides you the freedom from online threats while you enjoy hassle free computing sessions.


Call on 1 800 237 3901 for instant tech support on:


Optimization Service

  • Optimizes your PC and makes it perform like new.
  • Reduces the time for boot and shutdown
  • Enhances the performance of your devices and software
  • Updates software and drivers


Diagnosis & Repair Service

  • Fix all kinds of software and hardware errors
  • Resolve conflicts and compatibility issues with software or hardware
  • Reduce the risk of computer crashes
  • Eliminate the problems and prevent recurrence


Setup & Install Service

  • Provides assistance for setting up and installation of hardware and software
  • Customizes the settings of computer
  • Checks compatibility with software before installation
  • Helps in migrating the settings and data before installing a new OS.

Virus Removal Service

  • Helps in setting up and installing antivirus programs
  • Rids virus and spyware from your computers and network
  • Regular PC scans are scheduled to remove malicious software automatically
  • Provides protection from hackers trying to steal your online identity


Call iYogi at 1-800-237-3901, and get smart solutions to your technical issues, whether at home or the workplace.

Set-up Install
Set-up & Install
One-stop shop to set-up, install and configure software applications, printers, networking devices, scanners, and other peripheral devices. Fix installation errors & incompatibility issues... more
Set-up Install
Diagnosis & Repair
Diagnose and repair conflicts and compatibility issues with software and hardware running on your computer. Customize the software according to your needs... more
Set-up Install
Virus & Spyware Removal
Instant support to protect your PC from all kinds of emerging malicious threats. Install latest antivirus, update virus definitions, and schedule automated scans...more
Set-up Install
PC Optimization
Comprehensive PC optimization support to make your PC fast and healthy. Clear junk files, delete system registries, update software & operating system, defragment hard drive... more